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Career Coaching

At NXT level Career Consulting, we have a dedicated team of professionals assigned to help you find your ultimate career path. After spending over a decade in medical training, our goal is to provide options that will create the perfect work life balance while also increasing your happiness. Whether it is working full time/part time/contractual, telemedicine, inpatient/outpatient or locum tenens assignments - our team has extensive first hand knowledge of all combinations and will help you find your fit. At NXT Level Career Consulting, we want to eliminate potential pitfalls on your career journey by ensuring your financial stability without compromising your mental well-being.

We cater our packages to each individual client, however our basic package will include:

* Introductory consultation meeting

* Career planning guide with step-by-step recommendations by our experts

* Ongoing bi-weekly check-ins

* Assistance with job placement 

Allow us to help you take your career to the NXT level!

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