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Gregory McKenzie

Co-Founder, COO

Gregory J. McKenzie has over 15 years of experience as a Financial Services professional, serving in a variety of different roles. He currently works as a Senior Operations Manager at American Express. While there, Gregory has made a career of successfully leading projects, driving over $100MM in value and building multi-million-dollar customer marketing platforms from inception.

Before arriving at American Express, Gregory spent over 8 years at J.P. Morgan where he designed systematic solutions to resolve customer and company related issues. Through attention to detail and a knack for solving puzzles, Gregory was able to successfully close over 500 remediations, affecting more than 50MM card members and $75MM in total impact.

In 2006, Gregory obtained his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. While working full time, Gregory furthered his education by obtaining a dual MBA in Marketing and Finance from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

Gregory brings his years of experience and operational expertise to the team at NXT Level Career Consulting. His interest in the medical field stems from his family, many of whom were involved in the healthcare industry. Gregory witnessed first-hand how demanding and exhausting their careers were and how it took a toll on his family mentally and physically. Going through the med school, residency and post residency journey with his wife Kim further reinforced the need to find alternatives to the grueling clinical or hospitalist positions. That is the reason the team at NXT Level Career Consultants came together. They wanted to help Physicians avoid some of the same pitfalls we experienced and provide knowledge that is not widely available.

As a native New Yorker, Gregory is back in his hometown of Queens, where he resides with his wife Kim and his boss (daughter) Gianna. With his free time, Gregory loves to travel, playing/teaching tennis, trying new restaurants and spending time with his friends and family.

Gregory McKenzie: Team
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